Hey everybody! How has this winter been treating you? Pretty cold where I am, with snow that would be above our dolly heads if we dared to go outside. We’d freeze our little limbs off. So we’ve all been staying inside, helping MeowCat enjoy her Christmas presents, and forcing her to make a few late ones just for us. 🙂
Sewing is the name of the game. MeowCat is just an amateur, but good enough to make some decent things for us when she gets around to it.

Lizzie: Hey Lexi, sorry to interrupt, but…

Lexi: But what?

Lizzie: …Can I do it now?

Me: Do what?

Lizzie: Show off my new outfit!

Me: ….Do ya have to? This is my blog you know.

Lizzie: Pleeeeeeeease??? I promise, next time you can have the post all to yourself.

Lexi(after much deliberation): Oh…. okay, fine. Have at it. I’ll be in MeowCat’s room coming up with an overly-elaborate plan to steal her Skittles if you need me.


Next comes the big but brief dolly hug, followed by Lizzie’s loud clicking and clacking of the laptop keyboard.

Lizzie: Hello there, Lexi’s viewers! I’m Lizzie Cole! And–

Me: Um, Lizzie, they know who you are.

Lizzie: Oh. Her face fell.

Me: That means you can cut right to the part about your new outfit!

Lizzie(whose smile has come back): Yes!!! Alright!

Me: Need any help?

Lizzie: No thanks, Lexi. I got this!


This is my new dress! Isn’t it just gorgeous?


I know it isn’t quite right for this cold weather(see all that snow?), but who wants to wait until spring to take pictures! I can stand it for a few minutes. We dolls are pretty tough creatures.


Let’s rock this winter thing!


Thanks for looking at my first-ever blog post! I’d better go try to rescue whatever’s left of MeowCat’s Skittles. 🙂



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50 Years of Doctor Who!!!

doctorwho1 doctorwho2 doctorwho3 doctorwho4 doctorwho5 doctorwho6 doctorwho7 doctorwho8 doctorwho9

50 years ago today, the people of the United Kingdom were introduced to a brilliant alien scientist, his granddaughter Susan, and their fantastic time and space ship that for some reason was stuck looking like a London police box. Now today, in 2013, that ship is still that same old blue, and the brilliant scientist is more loved than ever! His name? Unknown. But we all know him as The Doctor!


In honor of this great day, grab your scarf, bow tie, fez, celery, question mark umbrella or sonic screwdriver, and celebrate! Eat a banana, or some fish fingers and custard! But not an apple, for as they say, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

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The Happy Weeping Willow


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.

I’ve got some photos I thought I’d share with you.


Weeping willows are some of the most beautiful trees I know of, and the best for climbing.


Let’s climb it, shall we?








Thanks for looking!



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Adventures with Aardvark – Part Three

Here we are at last: the third and final part!

Texas Vacation, Days 5-7

Day 5 was a beautiful day. Up until then it had been really hazy, but on day 5 the air was clear as a bell. MeowCat’s family decided to head to a more remote part of the beach. It was harder to get too, but that meant it was less busy, and there were lots of shells to collect. It was easy to fill a bucket to overflowing. Here is a small sampling:


See how empty this beach was?


Aardvark wanted to go swimming, but decided against it after MeowCat explained that she would need to wash him to get all that salt water out of him.


He decided to take a nap on the beach instead:


That evening, Aardvark joined MeowCat’s family on a dolphin watch sunset cruise!


The Captain was kind enough to let Aardvark get his picture taken next to the oh-so-cool steering wheel:


They got to see actual dolphins! They weren’t jumping up into the air that night, but MeowCat got glimpses of lots of fins:


There were many other boats out in the bay that night. Several other dolphin watchers, and another that wasn’t quite so friendly. 😉


Everyone laughed as the crews of both ships exchanged good natured threats.

There was a spectacular sunset that night. See that little orange glow?


Aardvark was certain there was an alien spaceship:


But it was actually just a light on the shore, that just happened to be in aliens’ signature color.

But what was really spectacular was the fireworks display, celebrating the beginning of the summer season! The Captain brought us right up close to the barge they were shooting them off from.




And that’s it! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. 🙂


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Adventures with Aardvark – Part Two

Hi, all! I got some more pictures from vacation to show you:

Texas vacation: Days 3 & 4

MeowCat loves horses. So she was very excited when she got to go to this place:


An equestrian center for a trail ride along the beach!

This is Layla, the horse she got to ride:



Needless to say, MeowCat had a wonderful time.

The next day, it was off to Mexico! Aardvark finally came out to get a picture by the Rio Grande:


As soon as MeowCat entered the city and started browsing for trinkets to buy, Aardvark decided to hide again. Shopping isn’t one of his favorite activities. Although he did come out to see the armadillo t-shirt MeowCat found, which was the closest thing to an anteater she could find:


Then he decided to hide again.

But he made sure to reappear when it came time to eat.

MeowCat and her family had to walk up to the fourth floor of the building to get to the restaurant, but it was worth it. It was a beautiful place, if a bit rundown. And they had really good food, too.

When you walk in the door, there’s this funny statue to meet you:


The waiter seated them, and Aardvark looked at the menu. He tried to find some ants, but they didn’t seem to have any. Poor Aardvark.


They did have tacos and seafood though. MeowCat ordered this yummy fish fillet(Aardvark tried to sneak a taste):


But before that arrived, there was some chips and salsa to nibble on, which Aardvark of course tried.


There were also big glasses of lemonade, which went down really good on that hot day.


Here’s the view from the fourth floor window:


In all that shopping, MeowCat managed to get some doll-sized souvenirs! Next on my agenda: learning how to play guitar.


Thanks for reading!



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Adventures with Aardvark-Part One

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been doing this and that, working on the Galileo, teaching Coco new tricks, and basically enjoying the coming of spring. And now, I’d like to introduce my anteater.

INTRODUCING!! The Amazing! The Wonderful! The one and only Aardvark the Anteater!!!


Yeah, I know “Aardvark” isn’t technically a name, but it sure sounds cool. I think, in this case, it’s the perfect name.

Aardvark serves a special purpose. He’s my designated representative for family vacations. The human in charge of us dolls(you can call her MeowCat) just went on vacation in southern Texas, and didn’t want to risk losing me or damaging me by taking me on the airplane. I told her I could just use my teleport and meet her there, but she claimed she didn’t want to have to worry about keeping track of me(I’m a handful). And frankly, the teleport hasn’t been very accurate of late. So, I experienced it through Aardvark. MeowCat took tons of pictures, just as she would if I were there. Except it’s Aardvark instead.




Texas Vacation: Days 1 & 2


Aardvark can be a little shy. It took him a while to decide to come out and see all the new things. He didn’t want to come out when MeowCat went surfing, or for the horseback ride, or even when on the plane. MeowCat just had to take some pictures without him.

Of course you have to get one of those wing pictures when you fly. It’s nice to see some blue sky, even on a cloudy day.



Now I live in a part of the world that isn’t exactly known for having palm trees. So stepping out of airport was “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Coco” kind of moments( I do not live in Kansas, but you get the point):



Once you got used to palm trees and occasional cactus, Texas didn’t actually seem that remarkable… until we saw this:


This was MeowCat’s first time on an ocean beach!


The next day saw MeowCat surfing(and actually standing on the board!), and building sand castles. This is Turtle Castle, home of the Turtles:



Now I know Aardvark didn’t make many appearances there. But he will! I’ll be back soon with more pictures.

Thanks for reading!


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My Time Machine

Hello again! I would have posted again before this, but I had a hard time figuring out where to start from last time. As you know, I have now moved my time-traveling headquarters to the house of my new friends, in the lovely year of 2013. So I thought maybe this week I would show you some stuff like my time machine, and introduce you to my new friends.


This is my time machine. I call it The Galileo. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I have to work with what I’ve got. I’ve been meaning to paint it and do more decorating, and it’s far from finished. There’s actually much more to it that what you can see. For example, I have this gadget that creates a special force field around the whole thing. It’s a protective shield so Coco and I don’t get sucked up into the time vortex while we’re traveling through it.


This my dog and faithful friend (wait, isn’t that redundant?), Coconut, commonly called Coco. She likes to help me when I work on the Galileo or my teleport, and accompanies me just about everywhere I go. She’s very intelligent, and sometimes appears to be able to work the Galileo better than I can.


These are two of my friends, Molly and Mia. Molly was the first person I met in this house, and since then I have learned that she loves video games, stories with aliens, and the A-team TV series with her entire being. Mia is a bit quieter, is very organized and loves the color pink. She has a couple of dogs, who sometimes like to play with Coco.


These are the rest of the dolls residing at my time-traveling HQ. Hailey is Molly’s older sister, and does her best to keep her under control. She may seem quiet and shy, but she knows how to hold her own, especially with Molly. Elizabeth is actually a time traveler, like me. Well, almost. She didn’t do it intentionally. She’s from 1774. She lived in Virginia, but she’s originally from England. She says she just “appeared” in this house a while back. She was probably caught in a time eddy caused by me. Oops.

And little Laura. She’s quite a handful. She says she wants to be just like Molly when she grows up, but I think she’ll be worse. You should never leave her unsupervised, and if she’s quiet, it means she’s up to no good.

So these are my friends. Hopefully you’ll get to know them better in future posts and stories!


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